Meet Aimee Nazroo

Arabella London has just completed its first brand short-film, directed by the innovative creatives at Bespoke Banter – more on the shoot and behind-the-scenes pictures later!

In the meantime, allow us to introduce our stunning model, Aimee Nazroo. This twenty-something, home-cook, sociology graduate, musician, fitness failure, and, erm, occasional swearer, has many strings to her bow. Aimee spent the best part of a day on set almost entirely submerged in a tank of water without a single complaint! Between filming, we found a few moments to ask Aimee a few questions about her life as a model and new venture... 

Food is constantly on Aimee’s mind, and she recently started up her own food blog  The blog is informed by her love of food, and her recipes are organised ad hoc: she writes about whatever she feels like eating that day! Aimee says: 

"I love simple, delicious food, bold flavour and everything in moderation, including moderation!  I more or less quit modelling at the end of 2016 without a plan, except to make a lifestyle and find work that would fulfil me. It’s working out pretty well. Everyday is a new adventure and a challenge (each faced with a little less fear than before). The Blog is my journey, one meal at a time."



How did you get into the modelling industry and how long ago?

Growing up, friends and family had always said I should give it a go. I’m not sure anyone thought I’d run with it (I wasn’t a girly girl or into fashion) but I have always wanted to build my own career and become independent so my uncle introduced me to the bookers at Profile Model Management where I had a great six years of learning and growing up. It was 2009. I only changed management to Select in the last two years to reinvigorate my mindset, which actually led to me leaving the industry to pursue other things. I’m so proud of the work and experiences these last eight years gave me.


Who is your industry hero?

André Leon Talley. He exemplifies everything I love about fashion: incredibly ostentatious and individualistic but proud of its heritage and roots. I’ve never met him but hearing him tell stories about being an apprentice in the industry makes me realise the historical importance and influence of designers and artists who aren’t around now. His incredible stories about past women in the industry are more interesting to me than “it-girl” gossip now.


What is your favourite season (professionally)?

I have always loved Autumn Winter collections because a great designer will make something wearable that you actually want to take home after the shoot. I love classic shapes, dark hues and masculine silhouettes. There’s more fabric to play with. I love luxe layers too, though they are awfully hot to shoot in summer in a boiling hot studio. Being wrapped in wools for fittings in June is something I will not miss. Lately though, I’m embracing a sunnier, softer me. The textures and colours are girlish and carefree. The shows are always funner and the outfit changes are so much quicker, slipping in and out of dresses without even taking your heels off.


Do you have a favourite venue where you have worked and where is still on your wish list?

I shot a fashion film for TIGI in Iceland in the Blue Lagoon geothermic spa. With those incredible landscapes, you don’t need CGI. I would come out of retirement to shoot swimwear or lingerie in the Caribbean. Lingerie is my favourite type of shoot and I’ve yet to work on a beach.


Describe a typical day or the run up to a big event/show?

I will wear my comfiest clothes and rock up to set at 6am with a coffee in hand and snack on breakfast catering till 10am. It’s a mad rush for everything around me as makeup artists, dressers and hairstylists vie for my attention and body parts. At rehearsals, I’ll usually have a laugh with the other models in-between outfit changes and finish getting my hair done. After a lunch and coffee run, the show starts and energy is high. Photographers, dressers… suddenly backstage becomes mayhem. In minutes it’s over and you’re running to another venue to do it all over again.


Favourite Photographers?

My favourite fashion photographer, without a shadow of doubt, is Peter Lindbergh. His work with the biggest supermodels of 80’s, 90’s and now shows the women as they are, not what they should be. It’s honest, classic art and I think he could find beauty in anyone. The mid-tones and greys are so gorgeous. I was talking to a photographer recently about how sexy skin texture is: excessive retouching kills femininity.


What are your must have beauty products?

I swear by Keihls for skincare and moisturiser. Recently, I’ve been using Darphin’s Rose Aromatic oil for my face at night. Glowing, clear skin is so important. Then, I love Urban Decay’s Naked Smokey palette which is great day to night with Nars Radiant Creamy concealer and the blush in ‘Liberté’. For a polished look, I’ll mix Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser with my Keihls cream and contour with Bare Minerals All Over Face Colour in ‘Warmth’. I swear by Anastasia’s Brow Wiz pencil and brush.


Who is your fashion/film icon?

Films have influenced me in every way.  I think this is almost impossible to answer but today I’ll say Quentin Tarantino. I’m in a kind of John Travolta circa Pulp Fiction/barefoot Uma Thurman mood. He makes films that please all the senses.


Tell Us About Your New Project, Slow Food City?

For over a year, I’ve really gotten into cooking and learning about the culinary world and it’s history. I started Slow Food City to showcase what I was learning to cook in my kitchen that week. It’s undergone various formats, changing with my mood and goals. Recently, it has helped me explore my interests in food as I go through this career shift. I’m discovering new things about myself everyday. With different interests to explore, I think wherever my path leads, I will take this love of cooking with me.



Tell Us About Your New Project, Slow Food City?

Social media. I like to immerse myself in my interests so I had always watched videos of Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White cook the most delicious food I’d ever seen without ever thinking of making it myself. Then, watching other women on Instagram share their work as chefs and caterers made me want to learn the ropes so I like to take on a new challenge in the kitchen every week, if I can. It’s a fun and accessible way to get yourself seen and heard for doing something you love with little financial investment. Blogging takes a lot of work but I will always share my journey in one way or another. Last month, I had the best phone call from a friend who I met at Leith’s School of Food and Wine who was inspired by my blog to get moving with her own food story. That meant the world to me.


What Are Your Recommendations For Eating Out In London?

For utter romance, Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden. It’s a very refined and elegant establishment but the food is so delicious, you’ll want to squeal like a pig in your chair. For Sundays and British fare done well, I love Bread Street Kitchen in the City or The Tramshed, where my steak was so good I barely noticed the Damien Hirst’s Cock and Bull installation hanging above my head. Not for vegetarians.


What’s Your Favourite Meal To Cook?

Something very simple with few choice ingredients. Maybe a pasta dish like a carbonara made with one yolk and lashings of black pepper. I love tossing the cooked spaghetti in the pan and watching the starch emulsify the parmesan and yolk. It’s simple but very satisfying.


What do you use for inspiration and where does it come from?

Music, film and travel. As a model, flying and running around everywhere gave me time to reflect, watch the world and think about new ideas. Having that space to think and create has been a luxury.


Aimee looking gorgeous on set in our Contour Swimsuit... 



Don't forget to explore Aimee's wonderful food blog over on  Slow Food City!