Fabric Features and Care

We have taken great care to source the highest quality materials to ensure that our swimwear not only provides the best fit, feel and look, but also gives optimal performance and retains the best aesthetic and functional characteristics over time.

Our garments are made with Sensitive® Fabric sourced from Italy, a highly technical fabric composed of Lycra® and nylon fibres. It is specifically designed to provide a high degree of stretch, pilling resistance, chlorine resistance and dimensional stability. 



Sensitive® Fabrics minimise the formation of creases. Its thickness, reduced by up to 50% compared to similar fabrics make Sensitive® Fabrics particularly light, ensuring maximum convenience, with minimum space in the wardrobe or suitcase.

For cupped pieces, when packing or storing, insert the plastic cup moulds you receive with your order to prevent crushing.



Sensitive® Fabrics are quick and easy to maintain; the drying time is extremely fast. We recommend that you rinse your garment in running water after each use to ensure that you remove any residues that may be left on it, such as suncream, chlorine or salt water. As soon as possible after use, you should hand-wash in luke-warm water using mild detergent/soap flakes or a detergent specifically formulated for swimwear. Swirl the garment, gently rubbing any stubborn areas. Leave to soak, then remove and rinse under running water. Do not use fabric conditioners and do not leave items to soak for long periods of time.



Thanks to the special construction of the knit with the LYCRA® fibres, Sensitive® Fabrics are more durable and resistant to the corrosive action of chlorine and protect it from the salt, mould and corrosive agents in sun creams.  However, your garment is delicate and, while it has heightened resistance to these, it does need care and protection to avoid damage. Hot-tubs and jacuzzi pools have heightened chlorine content and you should take particular care if your garment is used in these. Follow the care instructions on the label for washing and rinse in running water as soon as possible after use.



The special structure of the knit makes Sensitive® Fabrics extremely light and ultra-thin fabrics, very pleasant against the skin. They are up to 50% thinner than traditional warp-knit fabrics.



Thanks to the extreme fineness and the open structure of the fabric construction, drying times of garments in Sensitive® Fabrics are extremely short. Sensitive® Fabrics dry much faster than other fabrics. After washing or rinsing, dry in accordance with the care label.  We recommend you do not leave to dry in direct sunlight or in contact with other garments. Only store your garment when it is completely dry and do not store in a plastic bag or other container which does not allow evaporation. Do not iron your swimwear as excessive heat destroys swimsuit fabric.



Thanks to the special construction of the fabric and the use of super-opaque microfibres, Sensitive® Fabrics filter the sun’s rays offering a higher level of protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.



The typical tridimensional elasticity of Sensitive® Fabrics and the high percentage of LYCRA® elastic fibre allows for perfect freedom of movement, impeccable wearability and maximum retention of shape of garments even after repeated washing.