Fashion month round-up: Autumn/Winter 2017

For those who have followed fashion month from city to European city, the end of March is always a chance to finally catch your breath and reflect on the clothes.

So, what will we be wearing come Autumn/Winter 2017? To give you time to focus on easing into Spring – finally here! – at Arabella London we’ve done the trendspotting leg work for you, drawing from the best of fashion month and catwalks in Milan, London, Paris and New York.

All grown up

First thing’s first – put away those trainers, because it looks like athleisure could be on its way out. For A/W 2017, glamour was a thread ran throughout with designers like Miu Miu, Balenciaga and Gucci teaching us a lesson in lady-like decadence. Dazzling metallics featured heavily, with gold and silver chainmail dresses seen on the runway at Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana and Isabel Marant.




Wear our Contour Swimsuit under a diaphanous metallic maxi skirt...



Dusky blues

This season’s colour of the moment is a subtle, dusky blue, as seen in collections from Celine, Bottega Veneta and Lemaire. There are no bright hues here – whilst glamour is going to be larger than life, this subtle colour palette can lend your outfit an air of quiet sophistication. You don’t need to wear colours which scream when you enter a room to make a big impression, so long as the tailoring is right.

It’s this ethos which informed the colour palette of Arabella London’s swimwear line – we focussed on making an impression with our high-quality Italian fabrics and flattering cuts, not neon materials or bold prints.



Transitional dressing

One of our favourite trends was that of transitional dressing. This has been reflected somewhat by the rise in Ready-To-Wear collections of late – demonstrating consumers want to be able to walk something straight off the catwalk and straight into their lives. This desire demands the pieces to be versatile and one of the best embodiments of this was the wear anytime and anywhere fluted silhouette we saw used in dresses from Valentino to Louis Vuitton.

Fashion fans want pieces which can transition with ease from the work week, to the weekend and even to a holiday destination. Designers have had to adapt to the trend towards functionality; no longer do consumers want to invest in whimsical pieces for a season alone. Rather, they want to know that an expensive, high-quality investment with be able to hold its own over time, and in various social settings.

Awareness of this trend is what led us to create a highly-transitional swimwear collection – it’s no longer practical to buy flimsy swimwear holiday after holiday, and so we created the investment pieces we wished we could have, which would take us from the beach to an elegant social setting with ease.

We hope that our top trend picks have given you some inspiration for your next shopping trip!

Here is an example of our 9.2.9 Swimsuit worn day to night...