The Story

Our story starts on the beach.
Sitting watching women constantly adjusting their costumes, particularly on the bottoms, certified Arabella’s own feelings; swimwear that was both chic and a great fit was incredibly difficult to find.

As the sun set and women went on to their next venue, swimwear was completely covered up and became uncomfortable underpinnings for a new outfit. The freedom and spontaneity that should encompass a holiday was restricted by their wardrobes. What women needed was something that could work perfectly on the beach and move seamlessly into the evening.

Unable to find this, Arabella found the perfect space to reinvent swimwear as a multi-functional garment. She traversed Europe to handpick the ideal components to bring this dream to life; designing the collection in London, selecting the fabric in Italy and finally crafting her line in Morocco.

Arabella London launches exclusively online in 2016. The first collection, A.M by Arabella, uncovers swimwear designed to function beyond the beach and with a focus on perfecting the bottom line.